About Edotek

Edotek was formed in 1998 by Dr Barrie Mellor. Barrie gained a BSc in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham in 1975 and then won a Scholarship from the United States Air Force to undertake research for a PhD at Nottingham, working on inorganic chemistry and corrosion.

In the years that followed, Barrie worked in the electronics industry (at the Plessey Company’s Research Centre), in the nuclear power industry (at GEC’s nuclear power subsidiary) and then in the defence industry (at the Royal Ordnance Research Centre, becoming Head of the Materials and Chemistry Group).

Edotek presently consists of Barrie working with a number freelance associates and being able to call upon a network of contacts in chemistry and materials research which has been built up over a period of over 30 years. The Company has worked as scientific consultants to the UK Ministry of Defence and other clients include the European Space Agency (ESA).


Employment at Edotek




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