What we do

Testing Polymer Materials in Aggressive Chemicals

Put simply, Edotek solves scientific and technical problems! More specifically, Edotek provides scientific consultancy services in the fields of chemical and materials technology. This might take the form of either paperwork studies, standard testing or novel experimental work, as is required by the client.

Edotek is sharply focused on meeting customer requirements; our clients rarely want a ‘science lesson’, but they do want timely and effective assistance in problem-solving and communication in plain, jargon-free language.

Edotek is a small company which makes optimum use of both internal resources and a diverse network of external associates built up over many years. This enables us to maintain a low cost-base so that we can offer competitively priced services.

Although this website refers specifically to certain areas of work like the automotive and aerospace sectors, Edotek has acted as scientific consultants in very diverse range of chemistry and materials technologies. We have worked on projects at temperatures ranging from -197 to +900°C, at pressures ranging from ultra-high vacuum to 150 atmospheres and on materials ranging from the softest rubbers to the hardest of ‘hard-face’ coatings. As well as performing technical work, we can also act as project managers for you, acting as a one-stop-shop for your R&D problems. Please take a look at our list of ‘Case Studies‘ which describe some of our previous work

Other areas of this site provide more information on Space & Missiles, Electronic materials, Automotive materials and Thermal Imagining,

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