Space & Missiles

Edotek has been involved in a wide range of work related to rocket propulsion systems used on spacecraft and missiles. This includes work on the liquid propellants;

  • nitrogen tetroxide (MON)
  • hydrogen peroxide (production, decomposition)
  • IRFNA (production, analysis, corrosion of CRES and Al alloys)
  • Gelled IRFNA
  • DMAZ (ignition delay)
  • Studies of “Green propellants”  based on ADN and HAN

Work has been carried out on liquid mono-propellant, bi-propellant and hybrid systems. These propulsion systems have been used on such platforms as Agena, AQM-37, Chevaline, Lance, Skynet. A list of some of the technical papers we have either published in journals or presented at conferences is included on this site

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