Thermal Imaging – Domestic and Industrial Buildings

A Thermal Image investiation of your home or building could quickly reveal;

  • areas where the insulation is poor
  • joints with poor sealing, e.g. door frames, windows etc
  • faults in heating systems and electrical wiring
  • damp due to water ingress or leaking pipes.

When performing the survey, we will have an additional instrument which measures dampness so that we can  distinguish between those areas which are cold from those areas which are also damp. After completing a Thermal Image survey, we will provide you with a written report including the thermal images of your property and a listing of those areas which are of concern.

When you have received our report (usually within 4-5 days of the survey), you can use the results to make improvements yourself or engage a contractor to do the work. Once identified, many faults can often be rectified quite easily, achieving good energy savings and reducing fuel costs. Autumn and winter are the only times of the year when thermal image surveys can be done effectively, so that there is a significant difference in temperature between inside and out.

Edotek is not part of franchise operation and we can only offer to cover property in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. All of the Edotek personnel who perform these surveys are science or engineering graduates

Please contact us for further information.


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